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5 August 2020   |   Blog   |   

Take Your Cycling to New Heights with Haute Route and Sports Travel International

Haute Route (literally high route or Mountaineers’ route) takes its name from an iconic 7 day skiing route. The course runs from the Chamonix valley, home of Mont Blanc,Europe’s highest peak, to Zermatt, the location of the legendary Matterhorn. The ‘Original’ Haute Route was first successfully completed in 1911. Since then the term has become more generally used to refer to any point to point high level Alpine route (on skis, two feet, or indeed two wheels).

So, What is the Cyclists’ Haute Route?

Haute route Alps course

The, now legendary, cycling Haute Route started much later (2001). Like its predecessor, however, this Haute Route also laid down its routes in the Alps. Haute Route Alps is well known as one of the toughest, most challenging cycling experiences, available to amateur cyclists. Celebrating its 10th edition in 2021, over the past decade it has offered amateurs a cycling experience like no other. Essentially the Haute Route Concept is centred around ‘delivering an unparalleled ‘professional’ experience for amateur cyclists’, in short, if you want to know what life is like in the mountains, for the pros, this is the way to go!

Cyclist Magazine described the Haute Route Alps as Cyclist Magazine as “leg-shredding and life-changing in equal measure”. The format is brutal, if not rather simple. 7 consecutive timed stages (including one ‘Marathon Stage’ and one individual time-trial). The week features the maximum number of legendary cols and bucket list climbs. Each year the route includes minimal flat sections, mountain top finishes where possible, maximum length timed sections, and individual timing. All of the most notable climbs are timed.

Why Ride the Haute Route? 

There are many reasons a cyclist may want to test themself against the Haute Route. It is always jam packed full of iconic climbs, made famous by the Tour de France. The ‘off bike services’ give you the chance to experience something close to that of a pro cyclist (including pro mechanic services and post stage massage). Many cyclists simply want to test themselves against arguably the toughest test out there for amateur riders!

Whatever your reason for riding the Haute Route, one thing is certain, Haute Route Alps finishers share a special bond. You will spend an unforgettable week riding with like minded, and equally driven people; all striving towards the same goal. The event sells out year on year, with many riders returning to test themselves again on the ultimate cycling course. You will encourage each other, push each other through boundaries, and achieve together more than you ever thought possible.

Why Ride the Haute Route with Us? 

As one of our riders, since turned rep,  put it,

“It really all came down to one phrase that I kept thinking “this event has the potential to be majorly tough and tiring, because of the cycling, why make it more tiring by trying to do the non-cycling things myself?”

Our partners, and their expert team of mechanics and support staff, have been involved with the Haute Route since the very beginning. Many of our reps are Haute Route finishers themselves. This means they know the efforts it takes to finish the mammoth ride, and exactly what advice and  assistance to give to make that effort a little easier. When you book through Sports Travel International, your experience is fully supported. From the moment you land at the airport to the moment you check in for your return flight, we will take care of it all. No bother with transport, no hassle dragging luggage across town from the train or bus station, no need to sort out transport for your Bike Box. With us you can take all of the stress out of, what can otherwise be, a very logistically challenging event.

We always select hotels as close as possible to the start and finish points of each stage. On the rare occasions that there is a short distance to travel to get back to the hotel, never fear; we will be ready to transport you and your bike, so you can avoid extra miles on already road weary legs.  We offer private, additional, food/water and assistance stops, where we can be waiting for you with your personalised race nutrition. This can be invaluable, especially when it comes to the tougher timed climbs.

Mostly however, it’s the social side of our Haute Route experience that people come to remember.

“You instantly feel like part of a team. You make new friends right away, as soon as you arrive at the airport ,even before Day 1 of the event, and that can help with pre-event nerves or just feeling you have someone to socialise with.”

Having additional support, and a team in your corner can be a huge comfort, especially on the long days. With non rider discounts and transport available for family and supporters; ours is also an experience that everyone can enjoy together.

Keep Your Options Open (and GLOBAL)

While Haute Route Alps is the original, and the longest of all the formulas, over the past decade the Haute Route calendar has grown and GROWN. As of 2021, there are 9 events on offer, in 7 countries, and spanning 4 continents. You can choose from 3, 5, or 7 day event. Each course offers its own unique setting, characteristics and challenges. From the ‘magic island ‘ of Florianopolis, Brazil, to the jagged mountain faces of the Dolomites, and even the grand sweeping desert landscape of Oman, there is sure to be a location and route to suit any rider looking for a challenge!

From 2021 there is even the option to take your ambitions into virtual reality with Haute Route Watopia on Zwift.

For a full rundown of all the Haute Route options we can offer you please follow this link. For further information, or to book now please call +353 (1) 961 9362 (as we are currently working remotely you can leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible), or email us at

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