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9 May 2024   |   Uncategorized   |   

Running enthusiast Sharon Rothwell got her Sixth Star in Boston with Sports Tours Ireland!

Sharon Rothwell recently conquered the 2024 Boston Marathon with Sports Tours Ireland; having grown up running cross country, Sharon made it clear that she will never stop taking on new running challenges. We caught up with Sharon to discuss her huge achievement in Boston, and her love for running.


When did you decide to run all the World Major Marathons and why?

After running the Berlin Marathon in 2018, I was made aware of the Abbott World Marathon Major series. I then began to focus all my time and attention on this epic challenge, and I thought it was a great way to see the world while doing something I love.

How did you prepare for your final star at the Boston Marathon?

Having only ran the Tokyo Marathon with Sports Tours Ireland 6 weeks earlier, I took a week off to recover and rest my legs, then I followed the taper part of my marathon schedule.

After completing all six, would you want to run any of them again and which one is your favourite?

I love them all, but the New York Marathon stands out for me and I would definitely do it again. It was my first marathon and I ran it with my sister which made it even more special. But Berlin holds a special memory for me as some of my friends came to support me, and the fast and flat course combined with the vibrant city are a great mix for a marathon.

Why did you take up running?

I’ve been running since the age of 11 years old. I ran competitive cross country and track races over the years. After winning the U16 All Ireland cross country at age 14 I got to represent Ireland in Belgium in cross country, and again at the age of 26 in Portugal! So, running has always been my passion and focus.

What motivated you to keep going during the marathons. Do you have any training tips?

The motivation for me is to run for people who can’t, not everyone gets this luxury and the ability to be able to run so far, I think that’s important to remember. My advice is to run easy and make sure to take rest day, your body needs it.

What are your plans after gaining your sixth star in Boston?

A second round of World Majors sounds very tempting. I’ll probably focus on some half marathons to get my times down and give my body a break from the big miles needed during marathon training. But I would love to run the marathons again and try improving on my time for each course.

Why did you decide to run with Sports Tours International?

Having heard of the Abbott World Marathon Major series and that Sports Tours International give people the amazing opportunity to runners of all abilities a chance to run these races, I thought what a better way to see the world, hassle free with a great team.

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