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9 May 2024   |   Blog   |   

How can you become a Six-Star finisher with Sports Tours Ireland, by crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon?

We understand that earning the Six-Star finisher’s medal is a goal for many runners and it can often feel daunting due to the limited field size and stringent qualifying criteria. But fear not, because we’re here to guide you through the process.

The Boston Marathon is our most sought-after marathons of the year and, as a result, we do not go on general sale. Instead, we allocate places based on our runners’ past booking history. Simply put, the more events you’ve participated in with us, the greater your likelihood of securing an entry.

For 2024, the Boston Marathon notification list will remain live until the 31st May. Once we have closed the list our team will then meticulously prioritise runners in order of number of events they’ve completed leading up to the Boston Marathon 2025. To initiate the process, please fill out the form here.

Eligible runners will receive a priority booking link around mid-June 2024, allowing them to select their preferred package, which may include the option to reserve a spot in the 2025 Boston Marathon with a deposit.

Now, some important details:

  • Only events attended before April 21, 2025, count.
  • If you cancel a booking after being allocated a Boston place and this effects your place on the list we have the right to cancel your Boston booking and issue a refund of monies paid
  • Entry-only and our One-day cycling experiences don’t count.
  • Cancelled bookings will not be counted as an event
  • Packages are only for residents of Ireland
  • If you’ve been to Boston with us before, you will not be eligible for a second trip unless you meet the above and additional criteria below:
  • You’ve completed the following events with us after your last trip to Boston (Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago, London & New York).
  • You’ve booked with us at least seven times, including those events.
  • Second trip places are limited and eligibility is based on your booking history.
  • Please note a maximum of 10% of our allocation is for second Boston bookings.


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