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1 May 2022   |   Sports Travel International   |   

From London to Boston – Kuldip’s journey to the Hall of Fame

We had the pleasure of catching up with Kuldip Matharu this week. Kuldip is a new member to the renowned Hall of Fame after finishing all six Abbott World Marathon Majors – London, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Tokyo and, as of last week, Boston. Kuldip talked us through his long-awaited trip to the US and shared his journey from out-of-breath amateur to medallion-wearing running champ!

After two long years of Covid restrictions, Kuldip was finally able to fulfil his ambition of competing in the Boston Marathon. He was part of a group of Sports Tours International runners, our sister company, which included two of his friends who he started his marathon journey with. As recently as 2012, Kuldip was far from imagining a future in the Abbott World Marathon Majors Hall of Fame. Indeed, ten years ago he would much rather go to the gym than attempt to run a mile! “Before 2012 I couldn’t even run more than a mile, I actually hated running. I used to do a mile and huff and puff on my way back”. “My love of running was born when I was encouraged to take part in a half marathon for the first time in Ealing,” he said. “It’s something I never would have undertaken without much encouragement from a close friend and training partner!

The bug quickly took hold and by 2017 he had completed the London Marathon for the third time and the New York Marathon. It was only then that he set his sights on the Majors, in part, down to the mesmerising six-star medallion that he noticed hanging around a few of the runners’ necks whilst having a celebratory drink in the Hard Rock Café in New York. Kuldip mentioned that he went up to one of the 2017 six-star finisher and asked him whether he could have a look at his medal. Once he’d held and seen the medal up close, he was inspired to complete all six Majors.

Kuldip said that he didn’t think that any other event could beat the London Marathon until running the Boston Marathon as part of the Sports Tours team – joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts targeting the same goal. “From start to finish, it was the best experience that I’ve ever had,” he said. “The Sports Tours crew were brilliant, Joe and Pete [the lead rep] were amazing! We managed to get to know lots of people who were running the marathon and we were all after the same goal.”  “The organisation was perfect and the atmosphere was relaxed. The course and the way the crowd cheered us on was next level. The fact that it was my last one made it extra special, and it lived up to the hype! I got to live my dream of getting that Six Star medal. The question is… what do I do next? I feel lost now!

This rave review from Kuldip bears testimony to why taking on the Majors with the Sports Tours International Group really is a once in a lifetime experience.


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